Elias – Acrylic Intuitive and Still Life Paintings

September 1st, 2017 – Current

Elias’s life journey took him from the Middle East to the Midwest. He lives an independent lifestyle in Milwaukee working in the healing arts of massage, yoga and painting. After having gone through an emotionally painful period of three years, Elias experienced an awakening at 52 and started painting. Since then he’s been studying brave intuitive painting with Flora Bowley of Portland, Oregon and taking classes in still life and portrait painting with Fred Bell in Milwaukee.

“Art completes the human experience, creativity is the matrix of life, a process connecting the individual with the universal. Creativity is life itself, always evolving, and expressing the divine, the unseen essence behind everything seen. When I create I feel intimate with my inner being. The lessons learned in painting are the same as in life, allowing accepting and letting go.”


Elias’ art will be available for viewing during our 2nd Annual Christmas on KK event

Erin Mollan/erinmollan@gmail.com – Decoupage Mixed Media

August 1st, 2017 – Current

Here is a sneak peek into the Frida Kahlo inspired media art! Watch the full story unfold at Deep Roots Massage on Gallery Night Friday, September 29th!

John Kowalczyk – Mixed Media

January 27th, 2017 – August, 2017

Artist’s Statement:

John Kowalczyk describes his art as “shrine-like, shiny, symmetrical, and seductive figurations that become maps of my mind combining myth, math, and magic.” His work is comprised of mixed media paintings and larger than life installations that incorporate vintage fabrics, thrift store treasures, gift wrap, shelf liner, string, ribbon, repurposed drawings, glitter and gold. The collaged elements of his paintings become more than the sum of their parts exhibiting a spiritual nature.

Born in Chicago in 1988, John Kowalczyk currently lives and works in Milwaukee, WI as an artist, curator, and educator. Kowalczyk received his BFA in painting from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2010, and began a three year residency with RedLine Milwaukee soon after, where he curated gallery shows and taught workshops. He currently is the Artistic Director at Splash Studio. Kowalczyk’s work has been exhibited at the Sienna Art Institute in Italy, The Charles Allis Art Museum, The Harley Davidson Museum, The Cedarburg Cultural Center, and The Racine Art Center along with other galleries across the U.S.

Showcasing BVGN June 2nd, SPRING 2017

Drip from my Dye – Hand Dye Shibori Tea Towels

January 27th, 2017 – Current

Artist’s Statement:

“Drip From My Dye” is a collective of teen artist interns from Milwaukee who work for ArtWorks for Milwaukee and hand dye Shibori tea towels along with other art and design projects. ArtWorks for Milwaukee is a nonprofit organization that provides Milwaukee high school students with real life job skills and experiences that will help them discover future career opportunities through the arts. The members of the Drip From My Dye collective are working on gaining entrepreneurial skills through the production and marketing of their own art and products. All proceeds from our products help fund our program.


Meghan Ek – The Art of Yoga

December 2017 – Current


Ryan Pluskota

June 2015

Artist’s Statement:

Art to me is more than painting, or creating something. It’s the way you feel when you are doing those things. It comes from both the heart and the mind. I love to use mostly bright colors in my work, it makes it feel likes it’s popping out at you. I don’t want people to look and say “he has talent”, I want people to look and say “he inspires me to create”.



February 2015

ChocoBella is a family-owned business that offers handcrafted artisanal chocolates that are created daily with fresh, premium ingredients.

Creative Intentions

by Stacy L. Ollmann

March 2014

Showcasing BVGN June 6th, SPRING 2014

Artist’s Statement:

I’m a self taught artist, and I like to tell people that “what I lack in technical skill, I make up for in symbolism.”  Obviously it’s important for me to create a piece that is aesthetically pleasing, but even more importantly I want to express certain ideas in tangible form….Ideas about Oneness, Global Awareness, the Divine Creative Energy that exists within each of us and the symbolism of the Divine Feminine or the Goddess.


Melissa Sue McCorkle

May 2013 – Current

Artist’s Statement:

There is something undeniably comforting about being wrapped in a warm cotton quilt. As an artist, I interpret quilts as calming and homelike while containing an outpouring of devotion from the creator. All of these qualities I strive to infuse into my artwork.

My quilt installation is composed almost entirely of old found objects discovered in myriad locations and collected over the last two years. Old feed bags, flour sacks and muslin as well as quilt squares, scraps and panels, passed down embroidery floss and wooden spools of cheerfully colored thread all weave together into 45 conceptual quilt squares.

This installation, inspired by the colors within the modernist “Untitled” paintings of Mark Rothko, and the design elements and use of negative space seen in the work of Robert Rauschenberg, Louise Bourgeois and Jessica Stockholder, as well as a long history of females within my family who have sewn for necessity, hobby and love. My artwork manifested from a craving for found ephemera and the very natural desire to work with fiber, as well as an interest in playing with the negative space made by the unfinished edges and irregular shapes found in each quilt square. A large number of these fabrics were fashioned using a shape-resist traditional Japanese dying technique called Itjime Shibori. These dyed fibers are used to mimic the geometrical designs of repeating patterns found in conventional quilt squares. I was fortunate to have six of women within my family, alive and passed, contribute to this installation through the donation of materials or time spent with a needle in hand.



Vicky Ellis

September 2013 – Current

Hand Beaded and Crafted Jewelry from an Enrolled Member of the Fond Du Lac Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribes of Minnesota. For Sale in Shop at Deep Roots Massage.

About Mirrored Jewelry:

Nearly all cultures have gifted mirrored jewelry to their loved ones as a sign of appreciation. It is also believed that mirrors deflect negative energy.


Leah Matte

September 2013 – Janurary 2014

Artist’s Statement:

 Energy of Flight

An exploration of the sacred energy of birds

This body of work began as birds became an inescapable part of my life. Everywhere I went they were flying above me or on the ground beside me, they would gather outside my windows and on the lines behind my house. It was as though they were trying to get my attention and because of this I began studying each bird and their significance and connections throughout other cultures over the ages.

What I discovered was:

The energy of flight connects birds to the heavens with the ability to land upon the earth which allows them to be messenger, protectors and guardians while also giving them the ability to see life from a different vantage point.

They can be great assets in giving us greater clarity in vision and can provide us with the gift of foresight.

Each bird has a unique energy, message and teaching that it can provide us with. They are very willing to assist us along our journey if we choose to acknowledge their presence and call upon them and their gifts.

Each piece in this show has been blessed and infused with the energy of the bird it represents and is designed to help us connect with the unique energy of each bird. The paintings and sculptural pieces can be placed in the home to bring the energy of the bird into that space. The sculptural pieces can also be used as a ceremonial tool to call upon the energy of the bird for a specific purpose.

If YOU are an artist and would like to get featured, email your portfolio to connect@deeprootsmassage.com